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Now that you've graduated massage school you qualify to come to our Wellness Center, and be taught our unique system. While working & learning at the Wellness Center here in Little River, SC (Myrtle Beach area) you will learn how to protect your body from injury. This experience will educate you in mind, body and spirit! Once you have mastered the Massage Heelers Signature Massage you have the option to remain here and continue to work training other less experienced therapists OR while I am teaching  you my Signature Massage and other modalities, Patrick will teach you the ins and outs of entrepreneurship.  Upon completion, we will help you open your own Massage Heelers franchise. You will understand the business plan, reading Profit & Loss statements, creating a membership plan, best use of  marketing dollars, and other business techniques that will make working for yourself a dream come true, But you must always remember  that the Therapist comes first!      A Healed Therapist can 'Heel' Clients ! 

Learn how to stay in the industry for 20 years and not be in pain so that "You're Healed so you can heal others"


Don't Hurt When You Go To Work

My name is Christy Williams. I am a licensed massage therapist in the state of South Carolina. I attended the Southeastern Institute for Neuromuscular Massage Therapy where I obtained my Certificate of Completion


About Me


This site is geared to teach therapists how to include multiple modalities to form a custom Signature Massage of your own that can be performed without self injury. 

Your Opportunity

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