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Massage Heeler Wellness Farm

I have a wellness facility devoted to the health and well-being of massage therapist. I’m in Little River South Carolina, and whoever comes to work with me will become a Massage Heeler! On the job Training will teach you my multi-modality signature massage, that is designed to protect you and provide consistent therapeutic results for your clients. This includes techniques from Table Thai, Ashiatsu, Neuromuscular releases and techniques. Large franchises and corporate spas will use you up, making you injured and burned out. I am here to start a New trend, where the therapist is the top priority. We have to protect our minds body and spirit. Don’t get hurt when you do this work! “You must be Healed to heal”!


Our guidelines to stay healthy with "Self Love & Self Care 

  1. Don’t work for the big nationals. They will injure you!

  2. Work for Massage Heelers and you will be trained on how not to be injured and have a 20 year career.

  3. Will only do 15 Massages a week!

  4. Will help you locate housing around Little River, SC

  5. You will learn my Signature Massage, which will include Ashiatsu / foot pressure, compressions, stretching, neuromuscular release techniques, energy healing, use of stones & hot towels, sound healing with singing bowls & table Thai.

  6. Will be introduced to finance and the business side of the massage therapy business.

  7. Working at a 12 acre Wellness Center Farm with pond, walking trails and more.

  8. Also have storefront in town to learn "people skills" and retail side of the business.

  9. Most Importantly you will learn Self Love & Self Care!


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